Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump signs pledge

Trump signs enough is enough pledge: Donald Trump has signed a pledge promising that as president, he would make enforcing existing laws against pornography, especially child pornography, a top priority of his administration. The pledge comes from the nonpartisan group Enough is Enough, whose founder Donna Rice Hughes has long worked to convince Americans that pornography is severely harmful to individuals and society at large. Signed by Trump on July 16, the pledge also says the president would seriously consider appointing a special commission to explore effects of pornography on Americans, aggressively enforce the Children's Internet Protection Act, work with corporations on anti-porn initiatives and advance other public policies to protect children from pornography. Trump's move could win him some points with conservatives, who have struggled to accept a Republican presidential nominee who brought the first strip club to his casino in Atlantic City, is married to a woman who once posed nude for GQ and has said a host of derogatory things about females.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hardcore pwn: ‘Fetish forum’ data breached

Hardcore pwn: ‘Fetish forum’ data breached: There’s some bad news for members of a hardcore fetish web forum, according to web security warrior Troy Hunt. The Rosebutt Board has been hacked, leaving email addresses, usernames, IP addresses and passwords of its kinky users exposed on the internet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Project MUSE - Family Politics

Project MUSE - Family Politics: With crisp prose and intellectual fairness, Family Politics traces the treatment of the family in the philosophies of leading political thinkers of the modern world. What is family? What is marriage? In an effort to address contemporary society’s disputes over the meanings of these human social institutions, Scott Yenor carefully examines a roster of major and unexpected modern political philosophers—from Locke and Rousseau to Hegel and Marx to Freud and Beauvoir. He lucidly presents how these individuals developed an understanding of family in order to advance their goals of political and social reform. Through this exploration, Yenor unveils the effect of modern liberty on this foundational institution and argues that the quest to pursue individual autonomy has undermined the nature of marriage and jeopardizes its future.